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Description: The most successful business generates large profits, provides a lifestyle that most only dream of, creates continuous opportunities for its employees and community and continues to run and grow, all without the need for the owner’s presence. CCBS gives you the ability to plan, project, track, test, measure, and immediately implement hundreds of High-Performance Business Coach, Crystel Lynn Smiths’, proven successful business practices. It’s time to make the most amount of money, doing what you love, in the least amount of time! No more reinventing the wheel. No more spending time traveling to one and done business conferences. Gone are the days of investing in expensive software or marketing with little or no return. You will have access to weekly videos where High Performance Business Coach, Crystel Lynn Smith shares how she’s turned loss making businesses into highly profitable businesses, grown small mom and pop shops to multi million dollar companies, increased net income by 1,800%, reduced number of working hours by business owners 78%, and scaled businesses to generate several streams of passive income. And how you can do all of this with your business too! CCBS provides instant downloadable templates, tools, and systems for driving healthy cash flow, creating and following your company budget, increasing key business performance indicators and successful strategic planning. CCBS includes all of Best-Selling Author, Crystel Lynn Smiths, personal and professional development books. New books are continuously added as they are published. No need to purchase them on Amazon. Yes, your business must generate a profit. It must also attract and retain top talent. CCBS includes a 12 module on-line course that includes videos, agendas, individual development plans and your employee engagement course of action. Business is ever evolving and so is this mobile app. Download new easy fill in the blank business templates. Learn from new blogs. Engage in new social media collaboration. Immediately implement game changing proven practices with each new coaching video. All from your mobile device! Have a Business Coach on your team 24/7 with CCBS and have the opportunity to achieve the success you thought you would when you started your business and more!
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