Appstwentyfourseventeen : How do I link my app with my domain?

Apps created with Appstwentyfourseventeen can be linked to your domain very easily. Follow the steps given below to link apps with a domain:

  1. Log into your domain host.
  2. Edit your cName record to
  3. Click Verify connection to check if domain settings were updated.
  4. Log into your Appstwentyfourseventeen account.
  5. In the My App section, go to Website.
  6. Create a PWA Site URL.
  7. Connect your existing domain.

Follow below mention steps to link your app with your domain:

  1. You have to set cName record for, to point to
  2. Login in to your Appstwentyfourseventeen account then go to My apps >> Website
  3. Fill following fields with the respective values according to your website,and click on Save button.Note: It will take 24-48 hrs to get it updated.

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