How can I update my Terms of Use & Privacy Policy in my app created with Appstwentyfourseventeen ?

Follow the steps below to update the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

  1. Login to your Appstwentyfourseventeen account and go to your app’s overview page.

  2. Under Edit, Test & Go Live, click Edit.

  3. Click the Lock tab to go to the System Pages section.

  4. Click the Terms & Privacy Policy tab.

  5. Click the Terms of Use option.

  6. Edit the Terms of Use as per your requirement.

  7. Next, click the Privacy Policy option. 

  8. Edit the Privacy Policy as per your requirement and click Save&Continue.

Note:  Generic terms of use and privacy policy covering some of the GDPR aspects are already added for the users' ease. This, however, may not be treated as a definitive policy. It is advised that you seek counsel from your own legal team before publishing it on the live app. Appstwentyfourseventeen, at no point, can be held responsible for any issues pertaining to the privacy policy of your apps.


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