How to obtain your eventbrite organizer ID ?

Follow below mention steps to get your Eventbrite Organiser ID :

Step 1: Go to Eventbrite Portal
Step 2: Click on Sign in Step 3: Enter your Eventbrite Portal Account details and log in. If you are not registered, create a new account by clicking on Sign Up button

Step 4 : Once you have logged in to Eventbrite Portal, click on the dropdown arrow.

Step 5 : Click on Manage my events
Step 6 : Select your event.
( Note: If you have not created any event, then you have to create an event on your Eventbrite page. Click on Create Event to create an event)

Step 7 : Here you can see event details. Scroll down the page to find the organizer ID

Step 8 : At the bottom of the page, you will find your Organizer ID


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