I am confused, What Logo Size and Image size actually means?

Since we use this logo for uploading onto the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play, so as per their guidelines, we need logo of size in 1024 x 1024 px and for image it is 768 x 1004 px. For More details please check following Table:

Size Portrait Landscape
App Icon 1024x1024  
App Splash 1536x2048 2048x1536
App Background 1536x2048 2048x1536
Header Image 640x88 1136x88
Page Background 1536x2048 2048x1536
Layout Page Icon
Bottom 250x250
Matrix 250x250
List 250x250
Stamp 320x320
Image 640x320
3D Slide 250x250
Slide Shutter 480x480
Page Name Category Size Sub-Category Size
Directory  700x350 700x350
Hyperlocal 700x350 700x350
Custom Event 700x350 700x350
Room reservation 700x350 700x350
Order Food 700x350 700x350
Store 700x350 700x350
Ad-Type In-House Ads
Banner 320x50
Interstial 320x480
Overlay 320x250


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